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HPL plywood

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HPL plywood

Fire safety features: A-class incombustible (GB8624)
Density: 0.96g / cm3 (GB/T7019-1997)
Dry bending strength: 18MPa (GB/T7019-1997)
Moisture saturation bending strength: 22 MPa (GB/T7019-1997)
Hygroscopic deformation rate: 0.26% (GA160-1997)
Heat size shrinkage: 1.0% (160-1997)
Permeability: the back of drops of water to produce (CNS13778)
Impact resistance: no cracking, peeling, throughout (CNS13778)
Thermal Resistance: 1.14m2k / w (GB / T 13475-92)
Sound insulation: ≥ 44db (GBJ121-88)
Color: White
Security: 100% does not contain asbestos, formaldehyde, benzene
Radioactivity: from the use of limited range (GB6763-2000)
Fire retardant
By the state authority for the Class A non-combustible material. Fire resistance of the composition of the wall and steel structure protection is much higher than the national standard.
Water-resistant moisture
Proven, soaked in water for a month, is still intact does not occur deformed, swollen, and phenomena such as deformation rate of 0.26% of its dry and wet, the water absorption of about 15%. In particular, the flexural strength of the dry state 18pa is 22Mpa under the moisture status, the moisture state of strength to be higher.
Sound insulation
95mm walls and up to four 12mm gypsum board constructed 123mm wall insulation standard, equivalent to 150mm ordinary solid brick wall of sound insulation effect.
Insulation thermal resistance the for 1.14m2.K / W has excellent thermal insulation properties.
Lightweight, high strength
10mm thick sheet weight have 10.07Kg/m2 wall with light steel keel 315kg/m2 about 1/10 of ordinary solid clay brick wall, and the impact strength of ordinary plasterboard wall 2-3 times. Easy to install, can effectively shorten the construction period.
The material is inorganic, plant fiber and other natural materials, structure, radioactivity far below national standards, environmental protection in line with national requirements, it is national policy to encourage new class of products.

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