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Container floor

Product Keywords: Container floor
Product brief introduction:Container floor

Container floor

Multilayer laminate flooring substrate (flooring substrate for processing of different specifications according to your requirements)
1, the use of imported high quality birch melamine plastic or phenolic plastic criss-cross bonded.
2, the product structure is reasonable, open bad effect, with high bonding strength is not easy deformation, uniform thickness plate surface is smooth and waterproof performance is good, etc..
3, the formaldehyde emission FCO-class standards, South Korea and Japan and domestic well-known factory floor to the designated domestic flooring substrate production base.

Container floor

1 of 55 RCC container floor, by the French the BV7260 standard bonding strength and flexibility testing and continuous.
2, using high-performance waterproof weather thermoset phenolic resin.
3, in accordance with the standards of the Australian Quarantine Review BASILEUM SI-84, TAILIEUM-100 or MEGAMIUM2000 processing.
To ensure stable performance, high bonding strength, elastic modulus, and permanent anti-corrosion.
5, made ​​the French Classification Society (BV), Germanischer Lloyd Certification, Germany and Australia Health Inspection Service (AQIS) accredited.
Quality Inspection Center of China's national wood-based panels and container floor physical and mechanical strength testing. "

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