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The municipal government held a press conference to grand re

The municipal government held a press conference to grand recognition huasheng JiangQuan group sales revenue over 30 billion
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On January 2, 2013, LuoZhuang area new industrial sales income and the billions JiangQuan huasheng group thirty billion, yizhou group over yuan in ChengQuan news conference held YouZhiChang worker training center, deputy secretary of municipal party committee, municipal people's congress standing committee, the mayor ZhangWuFeng party secretary, deputy director of the first DuDeChang, the municipal party committee standing committee, vice mayor of ZuoPeiTing, municipal party committee standing committee, LuoZhuang district party committee secretary WangHangHua, the municipal government deputy mayor, vice chairman of the CPPCC MaKun li feng LAN was member of the party, the government, the municipal government SongFaLiang TanQingGong secretary-general, deputy secretary of LuoZhuang district, warden ZhaoXiaoHui, huasheng JiangQuan group chairman of the board of directors WangTingJiang sitting in the rostrum.
At the meeting ZhangWuFeng important speech, the municipal people's congress standing committee, deputy director of the secretary of the party group of the first DuDeChang, the municipal government deputy mayor MaKun respectively JiangQuan huasheng group, yizhou group iii MEDALS awarded. ZuoPeiTing presided over the meeting.
ZhangWuFeng first in the speech to obtain recognition of enterprise congratulations, he said, at the beginning of the New Year, the county economic development "new MengLiangGu campaign" and then the good news, LuoZhuang area new industrial sales revenue exceeding RMB one hundred billion, JiangQuan huasheng group sales more than thirty billion yuan, in the industrial economic history, and it more absorbing. ZhangWuFeng to group has built a number of investment scale, product added value high project, leading industry chain gradually perfect, the new industry growth obvious, the overall strength significantly enhance affirmed the etc. When talking about LuoZhuang area entrepreneurs of the leading role, ZhangWuFeng estrus, LuoZhuang economic development is actually on the backbone enterprise support, we all know that we JiangQuan huasheng group is famous at home and abroad in large enterprises, under the leadership of comrade jiang ting, after twenty years of hard working, made today's brilliant. You see the ShenQuanZhuang "this booklet in comrade jiang ting the motto, I see the later is inspired by, ting jiang said" theory development, the enterprise can get old, courage make small ", "for it for the first, do it best", this is a kind of the spirit of striving for excellence, another comrade jiang ting think, "do something, make more money, more node tax, for people to hold dessert, this is the highest glory, the most proud of thing," motto still has a lot of, I'll give you read this article 3, it is a kind of state that entrepreneurs. In addition JiangQuan huasheng group 2012 honor a lot, not only for 11 consecutive years ranked the top 500 Chinese enterprises, but also get the name of the top 4 village name, has been the provincial government recognition for the province's advanced enterprise tax, saving energy contribution outstanding enterprise, for many years JiangQuan huasheng group comprehensive tax, more than ten great contributions, the development of the group also contributed to the perimeter of the industrial cluster together, leading to quite a lot of enterprise development, also contributed to the ShenQuanZhuang villagers rich to well-off society, the fruits of development more benefit the people.
In the speech ZhangWuFeng recall this year JiangDaMing accompanied by the governor to linyi inspection situation, interesting about the story, he said, daming governor came to see the new rural ShenQuanZhuang after particularly happy, he told the villagers say that you've ShenQuanZhuang well-off, a granny speak well, she said, "the governor ah, we are not well-off, now is the sport," said governor special happy. ZhangWuFeng funny, eighteen big offered to comprehensive well-off society, we built ShenQuanZhuang now is not "well-off", has been to "sport" road.
ZhangWuFeng pointed out that last year we situation is very good still, in our city is expected to GDP can break through 300 billion, fiscal revenue to break through 17 billion, and in the growth of the third, four, which is in recent years the economic development and operation of the best quality for a year, I think everything comes to him who waits, it condenses the entrepreneurs and all departments at all levels of leadership work. ZhangWuFeng stressed that the whole society should respect entrepreneurs, advocating entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs do great things, and create the good atmosphere. LuoZhuang area is a new type of industrial backbone concentration, entrepreneurs growth environment is good place, LuoZhuang region is the dominant industry and existing enterprise development potential is tremendous, firm faith, as long as its goal, self pressure, takes advantage of a favorable situation on, you can create a linyi local enterprise carrier; As long as to improve the environment and popularized the brand, increasing investment, accelerate the technical improvement, can eternal vitality, sustainable development, improve the quality and efficiency; As long as the accurate positioning, carry out the power, realize thoroughly remould oneself change, will be able to take the initiative and the commanding heights of spanning development.
ZhangWuFeng hope should be improved at all levels of backbone enterprises and entrepreneurs of the incentive mechanism, increases the propaganda and reward dynamics, further in the city in the form of "who is the hero, who is the hero, finance and tax contribution's do it" thick atmosphere. Huasheng JiangQuan group as the new model of industrial enterprises, to continue to scientific management strategy plan for increasing investment, promote the construction of the project as soon as possible, and strive to enter the 50 billion level, level billions strong enterprises, vigorously promotes the ranks of energy conservation and emissions reduction, the development of recycling economy, and strive to realize the quality and efficiency of development, to speed up the industrial value chain, thus gathered themselves together, and turn round the enterprise development the prelude, and dreams, round the city people's construction rich beautiful big linyi, new linyi dreams!
WangHangHua said in his speech, huasheng JiangQuan group to circular economy development as the direction, and constantly expand investment scale, extend the industrial chain, plan two years self-raised funds of 10 billion yuan, the new technical quality steel, PVD packaging materials, distribution of waste heat power generation projects, has now completed investment of more than, sales income to break through 30 billion, continuous eleven years in the national 500 strong. He wants to JiangQuan huasheng group make persistent efforts, focus on the value chain, industry chain, finance and tax chain, further expansion scale, and the quality and benefit, and continuous development of new regulations and continue to be a good advantage of the enterprise model and model.
On behalf of the municipal government SongFaLiang read the about linyi city people's government for JiangQuan huasheng group co., LTD. Bulletin ". WangWenTao representative huasheng JiangQuan group said the speech, he said, action construcions, never say die is our pursuit of the same group, in 2013 group rely on "low carbon production, circulation development" as the core competitiveness, and formulated the new task goal, plan investment 16.36 billion yuan, the main construction metal products
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